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Schmopposites and Contrafrictionisms

an artful exhibition show with Derek Crowe and Luke Shaw

I. Semiotical Inquiry Projection : silver gelatin prints, letterpressed text

The objects
A VHS tape of Luke's surrogate mother from 1987, a miniature bust of Mozart, a brain trophy, a spider plant from Katherine in glass jar, a rectangle of pleated copper foil, a human arm replica including hand, fingers, and shirtsleeve that I uses to play tricks on automobilists, 6 cucumbers at various stages of decomposition, a flask of fluorescein with accompanying UV spectrum clamp light, a framed picture of my father fixing helicopters from long ago, a can of paint, a cast iron wrench stabilized by finger, a cast of Derek's face mid-yawn, a hand statuette chained to herbivorous jaw bone with teeth, a rubber snake, a pigeon-detracting owl statue, a golden pyramid, a magnifying glass w/ rotating marked brass wheel, an articulated maxillary and mandibular jaw replica, and two lighters kept lit with duct tape.

The words
mindfulnessitudes duh of the dead mother nature my favorite good buyer fury and ice cream propaganda india ink existential inquiry grandmothers critiqulations hyperundogroundo railroad slippers and dill pickle condolent nomenclature a man who screams something acrimonious sanctifier sweet whispering bourgeois systemic ineffitude ontological scrambled eggs contraptionary multipliers that flounders and falters forthwithering problematicizer polemical virtuoso endtropy jumpsuit cases of belonging.

The brief
These phrases were the subconscious export of minds subjected to a night's worth of artist statement analysis - listing and categorizing action words and correlating to visual language used by artist. Image/text pairings were made with as little consideration of the potential combined meanings as possible.

II. The Untitled (from Semiotical Inquiry Projection): 80 projected selections from sill-life slides containing 108 combinations of the 19 objects depicted in the letterpressed silver gelatin prints.

III. The Question in the Corner of the Room: Text in the corner of a room

when does a contraption's enraplification gongitate the yumptules of its frothtulating legrongiteurs?

III. Coroner Prop: A balsa wood coffin held up by a metal pole.

III. Artist !/Day 4 and Artist #/Day 3: really big digital inkjet prints of the Artists

Special thanks to Colleen Buzzard!

The End